Mamajuana Recipe

Mamajuana Recipe

Ingredients :

mamajuana sticks (dry or wet)
1 bottle dark rum (Dominican rum Brugal for best results)
1 botlle red wine

Instructions :

Dry mamajuana:

If you have dry mamajuana sticks that`s never been used, then put them in a bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with red wine. Keep it about 10 days. After 10 days, get rid of the red wine. Now it`s ready to make mamajuana as below:

Wet mamajuana:

Fill the %50 of the bottle (with wet mamajuana sticks in it) with dark rum (if you can, try to get Dominican rum Brugal for best results), %40 red wine and the rest with honey. Mix it well. Keep it at least for a week and enjoy.